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Thank you for checking out our digital newsletter. This spring, we are pleased to share our newsletter both on our brand-new website. In addition to producing our semesterly newsletter, which features students' research articles, personal stories, and creative work, we also maintain an active blog and hold events throughout the year—on our own and with the Psychology Collective, which comprises the Psychology Club, Psi Chi, and Psychology News.


We hope you will join our effort as we continue to grow. Our organization allows its members the opportunity to think and write alongside other writers, bloggers, editors, and graphic designers, both through structured events and informal gatherings; provides our contributors with support and guidance; and offers students a platform to publish their work and add a listing to their resume, thus aiding further academic and professional pursuits. 


To get in touch with us, shoot us an email. Also, check us out on Instagram. And take a look at the Psychology Collective's website. Navigate to the Psych News tabs there for more information. 

Our e-board consists of Aysha Khan (president), Angie Lee (vice president), Sarah Alsaidi (secretary), and Faith Ting (treasurer). The restoration of this publication and the realization of its goals would not be possible without their efforts. 


We would like to thank our faculty advisor, Dr. Dawn Dugan, who has been selfless and extremely generous with her time and support. We owe her a great debt. Learn more about Dr. Dugan on our Staff page.

How to Participate

Please see the "How to Participate" page under "About"

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Why get involved?

Share your research and knowledge to enrich the life of students and others, all the while enhancing your resume and graduate school applications

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