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Participating at Psych News

Psych News couldn't publish without the hard work of its writers, editors, bloggers, and graphic designers. This spring, we were excited to receive a ton of interest from undergraduate students from all walks of life--psychology majors and otherwise. So many students applied to join, in fact, that we couldn't take everyone! We hope to have a fresh team of committed staff members and contributors this fall. You could be among them. Please scroll down for more details. 

To participate, please fill out this Google form. Please note that the standards for editors are higher than for writers, as it is the editor's role to thoroughly review their paired writers' work and help to polish it before publishing. For this reason, it is strongly preferred that editors have prior editing experience, such as on a high school or undergraduate publication. We may ask editors (and other prospective members) to submit a writing sample and take a short quiz on our publication manuals to ensure understanding of the materials and instructions within. 

Though our plans are subject to change for the fall semester, we are likely to hold two rounds of writing and editing ahead of publishing our semesterly magazine, to give writers the best possible chance of perfecting their piece(s). Graphic designers and other website managers will be expected to help maintain the website and upload student works. Student bloggers will contribute about once a week, or in line with an otherwise agreed upon schedule. All members will be asked to check WhatsApp correspondence and Psych News emails frequently to keep abreast of announcements. We will also encourage students to attend our events. Given that we are constrained by other parties' timeliness, we will require that our members are conscientious and abide by all deadlines.

Despite our high expectations, Psych News is fun and practical, and provides you with tangible benefits, including community, writing skills, professional development, and more. Please feel free to shoot us an email at with any questions or ideas.

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