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How to Ring in the New Season Without the Seasonal Depression

By: Nyasa Heyliger

As New Yorkers, we can all agree that the summer is coming to a well-needed end. This summer we received record high heat compared to previous years. In fact, many areas even declared a drought due to lack of rainfall such as parts of NY and New Jersey. With sweater weather approaching, spooky festivities, and the many limited edition autumn scents and flavors, Fall can be a needed shift for many. But for others, the colder, shorter days bring seasonal depression. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is a form of depression that occurs during the colder time of the year in the Fall and Winter. This causes one to have less energy, be in irritable moods and increases the likelihood of self-seclusion. Below are some tips on how to prevent or overcome seasonal depression and enjoy the change in seasons:

1. Participate in Fall Festivities with friends and/or family

Visit a corn maze, try apple-picking, head to Six Flags Fright Fest, and visit a pumpkin farm. There are many activities in New York and New Jersey to do during the Fall that can better your feelings towards the change in season. These activities are great with companions and a way to boost endorphin levels. These seasonal activities are also a great way to create memories with those you love, and allow you to create yearly traditions around the seasons, giving you something to look forward to.

2. Treat yourself to Fall Clothing

For many, they feel as good as they look, putting away your summer outfits and making space for the new seasons may bring you a sense of control and even some excitement for the new possibilities.

3. Go outside, be proactive!

Taking walks outside with the cool breeze, and seeing the leaves change colors and fall can create a calming effect and become a great way to spend time in nature and reset. You can take walks with your dog, family member, friends, or on your own. Spending time outside in nature can be beneficial to emotional, physical and mental health.

4. Try Seasonal Foods or Scents

Using Fall scented essential oils for aromatherapy can help build a positive association with the new season. Pumpkin-Spice, Apple-Cinnamon flavored/scented foods and products are only available at most stores during the Fall season, take this time to try out these seasonal goodies and find a favorite for next Fall!

5. Build positive associations with the new seasons.

Many people experience seasonal depression because they feel as if socialization becomes harder and the colder weather creates negative feelings within. Going outside of your typical routine, staying proactive, and being around loved ones, can help ease the negative association with Fall.

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