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Let Self-compassion Take Charge

Irene Tussy

Self-compassion can be difficult to experience from time to time, but today will not be “one of those days!” Let’s use this Valentine’s Day to learn to love who we are and indulge in some self-compassion. What better way to do so than taking time to nourish your mental health? Whether it’s binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, venturing out with friends, or treating yourself to a tub of ice cream, we all have an outlet that allows us to relax. Yet sometimes, we do not manage to find the time to engage in these activities. So, here are some new ways to quickly and effectively boost your sense of self-compassion, take your stress and “Shake It Off” as Taylor Swift would say.

You must recognize a few ways in which you respond to failure and make the active choice to instead respond with elements of self-compassion. Writing a letter about yourself (to hype yourself up) not only forces you to recognize your positive attributes but also enables you to see them in a tangible medium. You can also meditate, allowing yourself to let go of self-critical thoughts and emotions, thus opening the door for self-compassion. Self-compassion leads to resilience, increased productivity, and decreased stress. So as the spring semester begins, it is important to take time out of your day to ease your mind, implement these acts of self-compassion, and allow their benefits to prepare you for an auspicious semester!

Source: Stanford Medicine

- Irene Tussy, Writer

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