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Losing Your “Self” to Combat Anxiety and Stress

“Who you are” is defined by your “ego” … or is it? Ego dissolution can be achieved by a variety of methods, including psychedelics, transcendental meditation (TM), and virtual reality (VR). These methods allow the user to shed their identity and become someone else, whether chemically, spiritually, or virtually. The self is represented in the brain by the default mode network (DMN).

In his article, The Importance of Not Being Who You Think You Are, Srini Pillay M.D. asserts that ego dissolution and disruption of the DMN may be physically and psychologically beneficial. As the cell circuit is broken down and reconstituted by psychedelics, inflammatory processes are tempered, and psychological well-being is enhanced. The conscious states rendered by the entropic brain are more capable of down regulating inflammatory genes and reducing pain.

Figuring out who we are is part of growing up, and a hallmark of adolescence, but as adults, we often find ourselves stuck in the rut of living up to the standards of the identities we created for ourselves. Perhaps discovering another version of ourselves can allow us to shed the negativity, stress, and physical and emotional pain that we often create for ourselves by holding on to that which is toxic.

Whether it is stress from work, relationships, or the rigors of being students, a re-examination of who we are might be the key to a happier, healthier life. Flexibility and the willingness to change may be means by which we can overcome the obstacles and hurdles which seemed impossible for our old selves, but are embraceable to our new selves.

Source: Psychology Today

-Irene Tussy, Writer

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