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Revolutionary Act

Revolutionary Act

By Angelina Vega

Never cited, never seen

Silenced and hidden

To believe studying science for a woman was the equivalent of the American dream

Not part of the conversation, dare she speak a single word

The old hierarchy was built by men and that didn’t include her

Threatened by the thoughts that oppose them

because a woman could never understand

The complexities that come from fields like

Psychology, Biology, Zoology, and Anthropology (Tang-Martínez, 2019) to name a few

Yet she sheds a new perspective on research, writing and behaviors

Evolving science from what they think they knew, to endless possibilities.

Never cited, never seen

Silenced and hidden

Yet they speak, inspiring through knowledge and passion

Margaret Floy Washburn, first American female to receive a Ph.D in Psychology in 1894

Ethal Tobach, 1921 behavioral ontogeny

Lee Ehrman, 1935 behavior genetics (Tang-Martínez, 2019)

Can you believe they tried to stop Margret Harlow from achieving her dreams?

They are the pioneers, the reason we have the opportunity for a higher education in the field

If I never utter another word, let me stop and say, thank you

I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.

Never cited, never seen

Silenced and hidden

Women today still struggle to be heard, to be recognized, to be published (Reiber, 2015)

Every thought is shoving a “feminist” agenda down the throats of the people that oppress us

So we scream, loud and proud against the noise that holds gender roles as guides (Stout, Grunberg & Ito, 2016)

Can we try a different perspective?

Because I’m getting tired of the narrative

That women bring nothing more to the table

But babies and breakfast

Why don’t you read about how sexual selection, mating behaviors and kinship affect you

Thank you, Cathleen R. Cox, Like Sarah Hrdy and Gail Michener too (Tang-Martínez, 2019)

Can we get this talked about in units 4, 6 and 9?

Classrooms should be filled with role-reversals, diversity, and teachings of erasure

It’s our revolutionary act

To take a stand, for the women who were silenced

By the foot of a man

To pave the way

We must join hands

Because if you even saw a glimpse of what women in science have to offer

You’d be shaking their hand

The most revolutionary act is elevating her.


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