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Social Media and Body Image


How realistic is social media? And why do we base our expectations off of others? Every day on social media we are faced with a new feed of unrealistically beautiful people with perfect bodies. One in three teenage girls struggle with body image issues, because of the Instagram app. You may think these comparisons are to the models and Instagram famous celebrities, but it is not. Because these models are not in the same social group, we tend to compare ourselves to people we know. We compare ourselves to people like our friends or family members who are similar to us. Because of these comparisons people start to nitpick at their imperfections. But in reality, everyone has their own imperfections, but social media is not used to divulge these imperfections. Social media needs to make a change to show our true candid selves and promote realistic bodies. There is a wide spectrum of body shapes and sizes, our bodies are not a trend that comes and goes. We must accept our bodies and tell social media these “untrendy” bodies are not going anywhere and accept our own authentic self.

Source: Psychology Today

  • Jayden Livingston

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