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The Anxiety Epidemic

The article “Forget Wine,Weed, and Xanax: Science Has Better Ways to Treat Anxiety” from Newsweek talks about the anxiety epidemic that appeared not long after the COVID pandemic. A couple who are both psychiatrists navigate how they dealt with their daughter's anxiety during the pandemic. They noticed their daughter was experiencing social anxiety, just like many others around the world. According to a national survey, adults reported symptoms of anxiety and depression jumped from 11 percent in 2019 to 41 percent in 2021. The most effective treatment new studies have shown is short-term therapy that helps children confront what makes them anxious rather than avoiding it. If children are able to confront the anxiety they are avoiding, they can deal with what is making them anxious. If children are overprotected, it is hard for them to grow out of their anxiety and acquire problem-solving skills. Being overprotective makes the child avoid situations where anxiety can arise. Giving the child the opportunity to experience the world themselves instead of having their parents do it for them makes them face their anxiety by themselves.

-Jayden Livingston

Source: Newsweek: Forget Wine,Weed, and Xanax: Science Has Better Ways to Treat Anxiety

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