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Friends come and go, especially among students. There is good research to give us insight into why someone might cut a friend off or a friendship otherwise not work out. Psychology Today provides four main reasons that friendships end.

Reason #1: Selfishness

Women are more likely than men to end friendships over selfishness. This category includes the lack of trust and reciprocity, especially when not properly discussed between pals.

Reason #2: Lack of Frequent Interaction

Unlike above, men are more likely than women to say this is how their friendships end. Losing touch and communicating less, even if not on purpose, falls under this category.

Reason #3: Romantic Involvement

Women are most likely to end a relationship out of jealousy. This occurs most often when a woman feels a friend likes her romantic partner, or the woman’s romantic partner likes her friend.

Reason #4: Perceptions of Friends and Family

Men and women end friendships over their families’ opinions at the same rates. Opinions from family usually weigh on us the most, so it makes sense that their perceptions have the power to end a friendship.

– Juliet Weschke, Writer

Source: Psychology Today

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