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Staff (Updates in Progress)

Learn more about some of the people who make this publication possible.

Hunter College's Psychology News has rapidly grown in membership during the past academic year: we are now over 100 strong. Each member brings a unique perspective to the table. We share a bit of our staff members' stories below.

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The e-board of Psychology News is comprised of Aysha Khan (president), Juliet Weschke (vice president), Emile Beniflah (treasurer), and Angie Lee (secretary). They manage the daily operations of the publication, including financial and social matters. Dr. Dawn Dugan is our trusty faculty advisor. Only the staff are described in the tiles that follow; contributors can be found on the Contributors page. If using a desktop, please mouse over each tile for our team's biographies.

Dr. Dawn Dugan is the faculty advisor for Psych News and the Psych Collective at large. She is a licensed clinical psychologist, having received her BS in Psychology from NYU and her PHD in Clinical/School Psychology from Hofstra University. She works both in private practice and on the psychology faculty at Hunter College. She has taught a broad range of courses in the areas of clinical/developmental/ community psychology and shows an exceptional commitment to service across campus. Check her out on the psychology department’s website for more!

Dugan photo real.png

Dr. Dawn Dugan

Faculty Advisor


Aysha majors in clinical psychology and plans to pursue a PhD or PsyD in clinical psychology, motivated by an interest in increasing access to mental health education. When she is not studying, you can find her running @mentalogyeveryday, going on nature walks, cooking, and volunteering. 

Aysha Khan



Juliet is a writer, blogger, and web designer for Psychology News. She majors in clinical psychology and is very eager to pursue a Ph.D. and become a therapist. She has experience writing children's books and enjoys playing video games in her spare time. 


Angie majors in psychology with an animal behavior concentration. She likes to read psychology research regarding attachment, relationships, and behavioral analysis in her free time and shares what she learns with her friends. She also loves animals, especially cats and dogs. 

Juliet Weschke

Angie Lee

Vice President


Juliet Weschke.PNG

Emile majors in psychology at Hunter College and hopes to continue his studies in graduate school in I/O Psychology. Having grown up with one foot in the US and another in Europe, he has a passion for understanding different cultures and approaches to important issues. In his free time he enjoys watching old films, exploring food spots, and passionately routing for the Knicks.

Emile Beniflah


Emile B_

Web team, and designers

Sarah is an editor and part of the web development team for Psychology News. She majors in Clinical Psychology at Hunter College. Her interest in psychology consists of mental health, trauma, and personality. She has a background in art and design, and has a passion for expression through those artistic means. After her Bachelor's degree she plans on getting Doctorates in Clinical Psych.

Juliet is a writer, blogger, and web designer for Psychology News. She majors in clinical psychology, and is very eager to pursue a PsyD and become a therapist. She has experience writing children's books and enjoys playing video games in her spare time. 

Juliet Weschke

Jeshua is the lead web and graphic designer for Psych News, and has also contributed as a writer. He majors in psychology and hopes to pursue a PsyD ahead of becoming a counselor

or therapist. Dancing, graphic design, drawing, exercise, and “trying new things” are among his greatest passions.

Jeshua Restituyo

Sarah Alsaidi

Lead Web and graphic designer

Web Designer and Editor

Web Designer, Writer, and Blogger

Sarah Alsaidi.png
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Juliet Weschke.PNG

Senior Editor

Noah Wistman is a senior editor at Psych News--our most prolific! He also interviewed Dr. Craig Kordick for the spring issue's Spotlight feature. 

Noah Wistman.jpg

Noah Wistman

Senior Editor and Interviewer

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